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 Do you like Platini?

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Do you like Platini? Empty
PostSubject: Do you like Platini?   Do you like Platini? EmptySun Jun 08 2008, 11:45

yes he was a great footballer, but i doubt his ability as the uefa president... simply because i think he is bias n he tries to hit n sink eglish football with all his pathetic comments...
well well, i can prove my words... before sepp blatter proposed the 6+5 thingi, platini once said english teams are flooded with foreign players... c'mon, then how about france who offers africans french nationality so that those talented africans can win the world cup trophy for france? yea, btw platini is a french.....
he is even so determined to reduce english teams in champions league to 3 (so that english premiership will be at the same par with french ligue coz there are only 3 french teams allowed to play in cl every season)... c'mon, the big four of premiership always finish top four, maybe in diff order... teams like tottenham, newcastle, everton and villa came close to finish fourth over the last few seasons, but not quite close enough... so if that french idiot reduces to only 3 english teams to play in cl, then how are teams outside big four gonna qualify for cl? then the good players from those teams will end up playing for big four, the gap between big four n the other teams becomes bigger... n yet platini claims epl is boring (yea, lyon actually won the all french ligue titles of the last 7 seasons n that's so 'interesting')....
and just recently he claimed that england will not be missed in this euro... i cant tell it's right or wrong but why the hell is he always attacking england... c'mon, uefa will lose a big sum of money this euro due to the absence of england... coz everybody in asia wanna watch england... n the billionaires in england dont travel to watch their team in action...

ah ha, the reason behind all these is simple... guys, rmbr the Heysel tragedy? where juve playd lpool in the cl final? platini was a player for juve... juve won, liv fans went ito rage, many fans died, platini couldnt care less about the death of juve fans, i know he is still angry because he couldnt lift the european cup in front of the fans... he received the medal in dressing room... yea, that was his only european cup glory... anybody would be angry too if this happened to them right? i cant deny that too... but c'mon, he is the uefa president now... juz put those aside n be fair...

platini, stop spending every second of your pathetic life doing those unnecessary things.... act like a 52 year-old man and not a 3 year-old baby!
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Do you like Platini?
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